The operation would include a 1,001-square-foot retail storefront and a 2,637-square-foot warehouse.

Last year, council endorsed a recommendation that applications for cannabis retail operations not be accepted.

Staff note Delta has entertained other cannabis-based businesses in industrial areas on a case-by-case basis through rezoning applications.

As far as the proposed cannabis dispensary location, the existing industrial building is not in close proximity to schools, playgrounds, community centers, recreational centers, other cannabis related businesses or facilities that serve vulnerable populations.

Staff also note the application is in the early review stage and the city hasn’t yet sent a public notification letter to the surrounding area, nor has the applicant been instructed to post a development sign on the property.

The application has, however, been circulated internally to a number of city departments.

Delta police have reviewed the application and provided a series of comments and recommendations in relation to the site and operation's security features.

Seed and Stone has a retail outlet in Chilliwack.

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