What are edibles?

Cannabis edibles are food products that allow people to consume cannabis without the need for smoking. Also known as marijuana edibles, these typically contain both THC and CBD, the active ingredients of the cannabis plant. 

Edible cannabis are available in different forms such as: 

Likewise, edibles can also be found in syrup and butter form, which can be used as a spread or as an ingredient for cooking. Cannabis butter or cannabutter can easily be prepared at home using ground and baked cannabis flowers and store-bought butter. It is particularly useful to bake pastries with.

What’s the difference between smoking weed and edibles?

The main difference between edibles and smoking marijuana is the consumption method. While cannabis smoke must be inhaled to feel its effects, marijuana edibles are consumed as any other food. The effects of cannabis edibles kick in once the gut begins dissolving the food.

The psychoactive effects of edible products are stronger

When it comes to inhaling vs. ingesting cannabis products, edibles are stronger. While one can feel the effects of smoking cannabis almost instantly, the high produced by edibles is much more potent. The stronger effects of edibles are caused by a molecule known as 11-hydroxy-THC, which is formed in the body after the consumption of marijuana. Smoking cannabis does produce this molecule as well, but the ingestion of cannabis edibles can produce larger amounts (source).

The effects of edibles are harder to control

If you want to try edibles for the first time, make sure you don’t have any evening plans that day. Cannabis edibles produce a long-lasting high which can be overwhelming to certain individuals. Cannabis smokers have more control over their body and headspace, while one may feel very floaty and disoriented by edibles. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be a reason to be dissuaded from trying edibles. It makes them great for the ideal night in. 

Smoking marijuana poses more long-term health risks than cannabis edibles

Even though cigarette ads from the 1940s would disagree, smoking is bad for your health (source). Smoking marijuana is a fun activity that goes back to the Bronze Age, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Marijuana itself is not harmful but the act of smoking is. If you wish to enjoy cannabis without having to experience adverse health effects, then edibles are just what you’re looking for. Thanks to cannabis edibles, you can enjoy the psychoactive effects of marijuana without being harmed by smoking it. 

The taste and smell of edible cannabis products are different

The smell and taste of cannabis smoke is an acquired taste. Particular strains of cannabis have their own distinctive aromas but smoking marijuana can generally be associated with a heavy taste and a dank smell. The taste of edibles, on the other hand, depends on the culinary capabilities of the chef. Due to the many options of edibles available, cannabis enthusiasts are spoiled for choice. Cannabis edibles can be enjoyed as a sweet snack, a refreshing iced tea, a soothing beverage, and much more.

If you are concerned about the smell, making your own edibles may be a bad idea. Baking marijuana food products can produce a strong weed smell. Store-bought edibles will not produce any pungent smell. This means they can be used to consume marijuana in places where other people might be affected by the smell. If you live in a place where housing authorities prohibit the act of smoking, edibles are the perfect way of getting high at home.

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Different materials, preparation, and consumption methods

Eating an edible is easier than smoking a joint. Unless you buy pre-rolls, you are going to have to choose a method to inhale cannabis. 

The most popular methods of smoking marijuana are: 

  • Rolling a joint: Rolling the ideal joint can be out of the reach of many novice smokers but with proper dedication joint-rolling can be turned into an art. If you want to start rolling joints, you will need rolling papers, a grinder, and filters. A blunt is similar to a joint but bigger and made using cigar wrap instead of rolling paper.

  • Smoking with a pipe: Smoking with a pipe is easier and faster than rolling a joint. Nonetheless, many smokers prefer rolling joints because it is subjectively more enjoyable and more weed can be smoked at once. If you smoke with a pipe, consider that you will have to clean it regularly or it will fill with resin, becoming obstructed.

  • Smoking with a bong: Also referred to as water pipes, a bong is used to cool and filter the smoke before inhaling it. Using a bong properly requires a bit of practice, as the user has to know when is the right time to inhale the smoke. The impact of the high from a bong can be stronger than that of a joint or a pipe.

  • Using a vaporizer: Vaping is considered the safest way to inhale cannabis smoke. When vaping, the cannabis flower or concentrate is heated until it converts into a vapor. The smoke produced by a vaporizer is gentler on the lungs than the smoke produced when burning the marijuana.

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The social aspects of smoking weed and eating cannabis products

Smoking marijuana has become more than a personal past time. A communal culture has been created around the use of cannabis, and part of enjoying marijuana is being able to bond with other pot enthusiasts. 

Many practices and lingo associated with marijuana smoking have even reached mainstream culture, as with the use of the number 420 and the mention of cannabis use in many pop songs, movies, and on social media. In this manner, edibles are more suited for discrete cannabis enjoyers. Eating edibles is a great way to get high without spreading any smell, smoke, or calling other people’s attention. 

Is it risky to buy edibles?

If you live in an area where the purchase of edibles is allowed such as Canada, there will be no legal repercussions if you wish to buy edibles. Nonetheless, if you buy edibles from an untrustworthy source, you run the risk of consuming a harmful product.  

Counterfeit edible cannabis products may have been laced with other substances to try to mask the fact that the edible contains little to no cannabis. Remember to always make sure that any psychoactive substance you buy comes from a source you can trust.

What's the right edibles dosage?

Every person has an ideal dose that is best suited to their metabolism. Two people may react very differently to the same edible. It is important to note that the psychoactive chemicals in edibles take time to have an effect on the body. One should be careful not to over-consume edibles before they feel their effects.

Tips to consume edibles safely

  1. H3: Measure your THC intake

Be mindful of how much THC you’re consuming. If you’ve never taken edibles before, it is recommended not to go beyond 2.5 mg of THC. A single edible dose, such as a single edible gummy, contains 5 mg of THC. Eating half a gummy should be enough for a novice to get high. Don’t forget it will take until the THC reaches your gut for you to feel the effect of the edible. 

  1. H3: Only consume cannabis products from reputable sources

Always beware of subpar products offered by individuals looking to fool you. Licensed cannabis businesses and cultivators are legally not allowed to distribute their merchandise to unauthorized vendors and dispensaries. Not only may counterfeit edibles have no real marijuana at all, but they can even be laced with synthetic chemicals that may harm your health. 

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