Typically, peopleplace cannabis consumption in line with smoking. The concept of using marijuanamakes us imagine a pipe, a cigar, or a joint. When it comes to cannabisconsumption, there are different options available at your disposal. You cannow enjoy a variety of food items with CBD, CBG, THC, or CBN included. Plus,sprays, oils, and other elements aid with cannabis consumption.

Before thepandemic, cannabis consumption lounges were introduced worldwide. However,social restrictions barred people from going to these places. Now that theworld is gradually returning to normal, discussions about indoor cannabislounges are sprouting across mainstream media.

In the UnitedStates, states like Illinois and Nevada legalized indoor cannabis consumptionlounges in 2021. In this article, we talk about different indoor cannabis consumption methods. Keep reading tolearn more about the various methods of consumption that are available tocannabis users!

What are the different ways to consume cannabis indoors?

1. Vaporizers

Smoking cannabisis the fastest method of consuming it. However, most consumers prefer vaporizing because it allows the cannabinoids toenter the human body through the lungs, from where they directly reach thebloodstream without any combustion.

Vaporization ismore discretionary, since it completely eliminates the chemical effectsproduced by lighting the flowers, making the odors associated with combustiondisappear. Another benefit of the inhalation method or vaporization is that itcan help titrate the dose, making overconsumption less likely.

Although vaporizing cannabis is an excellentalternative to smoking it, there are some issues with oil-based vaporizers. Forinstance, the ingredients used for processing the extracts haven’t been tested,and there are risks that some residues from components will remain in the finalproduct.

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2. Joints

 Joints are the most popular way in which people smokeweed. This method of consumption involves usingcombustible products like hash, tobacco, kief, and dried bud rolled betweenpapers. These are later sealed like a cigarette. You can also add a filter toprevent your fingers from burning while you smoke.

Remember thatcommonly available rolling papers are labeled as fast burning, flavored, orbleached. These may contain harmful chemicals and pollutants that could damageyour lungs. Going for rolling paperswith no chemical components and that are unflavored is recommended. Thisreduces your chances of exposure to harmful chemicals.

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3. Blunts

 Blunts are similar to joints. The differencebetween them is the paper, as blunts arerolled in cigar paper instead of rolling paper. Also, blunts are thickerthan joints, so they may contain more cannabis.

A lot of cannabisusers prefer blunts due to their popularity. This is one of the oldest yeteasiest methods of consumption. Usually, a cigar is emptied and filled with weed.You can also buy a blunt wrap, which releases cannabinoids like joints.


 Bongs come in different shapes and sizes.These devices use water to cool and filter smoke. As the smoke cools, peopletake more larger hits and produce more smoke than by using blunts or joints.Bongs are made of bowls and cylinder glass pieces, also known as downstems.When you hit the bong, smoke goes down the stem. It is filtered through thewater before traveling up the bong’s neck towards the mouthpiece.

Inhaled smoke isa fun way to consume cannabis. A famous type of bong is the gravity bong. Thisingenious method uses the force of gravity to force the smoke into a holdingchamber, where you can inhale at your leisure.

5. Edibles

 To avoid inhaling carcinogenic smoke, you should consideredible cannabis that have similar psychoactive effects. All you have to do is swallow, eat, or drink cannabis products, and youwill start to feel the buzz within minutes! Remember that the effects of edibles take longer to kick in, but they alsolast longer and create more or less the same psychological state.

Different typesof cannabis edibles include:

●    Beverages: these are available at grocerystores in states where marijuana is legal. You can find them as specialtydrinks. There are bars that also offer THC-infused cocktails on their menu.


●    Weed snacks: marijuana edibles have been onthe market for quite some time now. And they aren’t merely pot brownies.You canfind them in the form of lollipops, candies, and gummy bears.


●    Pills: if smoking or eating weed snacks isn’tyour cup of tea, you might consider popping pills to get high. Cannabis in pillform is made of cannabinoid oil, cannabis flowers, or compacted powder. Itsimpact can be immediate or felt as time passes.

6. Sublingual cannabisconsumption


These cannabis-inducedproducts are placed underthe tongue, where they gradually dissolve. The effects of this method arefaster than edibles because it releases cannabinoids in the mouth, not in thedigestive system. This method of consumption prevents delta-9 THC from enteringthe digestive system into 11-hydroxy THC, which creates a drug effect faster.

7. Tinctures

 A cannabistincture is made bysoaking the cannabis plant or its flowers in alcohol. This could be appliedas a spray or an eyedropper. Another method of consuming the tinctures isadding them to your food or drinks. Using cannabis as a tincture is alsohelpful for medical purposes. It is pretty discreet and allows for precisedosing. Producers of medical cannabis products can use tinctures for theirpsychological and physical health.

8. Cannabis topicals formedical cannabis products

 Topical consumption is a delivery method ratherthan a consumption method. It is often associated with medical cannabisproducts because it enables you to absorb cannabinoids through the skin, wherethey provide a localized effect. This helps to treat issues like pain andmuscle soreness.

Unlikeconsumption methods, you will not experience the psychoactive effects ofcannabis when you use topicals. Treating external issues is one of the benefitsof cannabis that cannot be undermined.

How to ensure safe indoorcannabis consumption


You should takeall the necessary precautions to consume cannabis safely. Some tips you shouldfollow are:

●    Avoid sharing joints ormouthpieces

●    Use safe rolling papers

●    Don’t hold the smoke in for toolong

●    Keep your accessories clean

●    Opt for herbal cannabis

Whether you are using non-medical cannabis or medicinal marijuana, you shouldmake sure that all your supplies are certified. Leave no stone unturned whileselecting the products you wish to use. Make sure that the method ofconsumption is safe for your body. As more states are legalizing the use ofcannabis, you are likely to find certified professionals.

The existence ofso many indoor cannabis consumption methods might be overwhelming for somereaders. Nonetheless, we recommend that you do your homework and find a methodthat suits you. Sometimes, a consumption method that works for someone else maynot be ideal for your body. If you don’t want to expose your lungs to smoke,you should try edibles or topicals.

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