The benefits of cannabis plants havebeen known for thousands of years, with the first evidence of its origination being in CentralAsia or Western China in 2800 BC. Although the plant thrived in its naturalenvironment, our landscapes have since changed and our technologies haveimproved, opening up new opportunities for cannabis growing.

Today, the number one debate surrounding growing cannabis is whether outdoor cannabis or indoor cannabis produces higher-quality weed. In this article, we explain the differences between indoor and outdoor weed so that you can decide which one you prefer.

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor weed?

Below is a list of differences between outdoor-grown cannabis and indoor-grown cannabis.


One of the most obvious differences between indoor and outdoor cannabis is the bud size. This is a visual tell-tale sign that can inform you where your weed was grown. Outdoor plants are bigger all around. Not only are the actual buds of an outdoor cannabis flower bigger, but the stems are longer and thicker too. When growing cannabis indoors, the plant produced is significantly smaller, but it is more dense.

Trichome density

If you are unable to identify if your weed is indoor or outdoor grown from the size alone, another key visual clue is the trichome density. Trichomes are the thin hair-like growths that cover the plant. When growing marijuana indoors, you have a completely controlled environment where the buds are smaller and grow closer to the light source.

This combination of factors encourages the additional growth of trichomes, to the point where the actual plant is difficult to see underneath. However, since outdoor growers yield bigger buds, it is more difficult for the trichomes to engulf the entire bud. Moreover, elements of the outdoors can also interfere with trichome development, which is a key sign that it has been grown outside.


The light source used to grow cannabis greatly affects its final color, making it easy to tell between a plant that has been grown inside under artificial light and outside under natural light. Outdoor cannabis is generally darker in color and has a deep green color that is almost brown. Indoor cannabis, on the other hand, takes on amore vibrant green color. Some cultivators grow a purple version of the plant, which follows the same pattern, with outdoor plants having a dark purple color and indoor plants a bright purple color.


Cannabis plants have thrived in open out door environments for thousands of years because of the natural sunlight and environmental elements that create the perfect condition for outdoor cultivation. This perfect outdoor growing environment leads to cannabis strains with a higher cannabinoid profile. A higher cannabinoid profile means higher levels of THC, higher levels of CBD, etc.


Along with potency, flavor is one of the leading factors driving people to choose their weed strain, which is why it is essential to understand that weed has different flavors depending on whether it is grown inside or outside. The main factor that influences the flavor of your weed is the strain you choose.

However, the environment it grows in will affect the intensity of the terpene profiles. Outdoor marijuana tends to have a more intense flavor, whereas indoor weed has somewhat of a muted flavor. The care taken by the cultivator will also influence the final flavor intensity, so you cannot rely only on the environment it was grown in.


There are subtle differences between the type of high you are likely to experience when smoking indoor weed vs. outdoor weed. Usually, users find that outdoor weed creates a more subtle high, whilst indoor weed is thought to be more intense. However, it is important to consider that everyone has a different reaction to weed..

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Which is of higher quality— indoor or outdoor weed?

The question of whether indoor or outdoor weed is better is difficult to answer because each has its pros and cons. On the whole, outdoor-grown cannabis plants are better due to the fact that they are grown naturally and benefit from a natural environment. This natural environment creates cannabis that has a higher, more well-rounded cannabinoid profile. However, the success of outdoor weed is subject to the environment. On the other hand, indoor cultivators can guarantee ideal conditions because they control them.

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How to tell if weed wasgrown indoors or outdoors?

There are certain features that youshould look for to determine if your weed was grown indoors or outdoors. Ifyour weed was grown indoors, you should expect it to exhibit the followingcharacteristics:

●    Brighter coloration

●    Tighter packed buds

●    Smaller buds

●    Higher trichome density

●    Thinner stems

If your weed was grown outdoors, you should expect it to exhibit the following characteristics:

●    Darker leaves

●    Looser flower consistency

●    Larger buds

●    Lower trichome density

●    Thicker stems

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