How does cannabis get you high? Is it related to the strain, environment, or other factors? Marijuana or cannabis has become synonymous with recreational drug use. It has gained popularity because of its ability to provide a euphoric feeling, relaxation, and pain relief.

The quality and potency of marijuana vary greatly from batch to batch. Even within the same crop, the differences between plants are vast. This means that it isn’t always possible to predict exactly how much THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) each plant will produce. In order to help you better understand the factors that can affect your weed high, we created this comprehensive list of all the different aspects that affect how you react to recreational marijuana. 

What factors affect your weed high?

The effects of a weed high can vary from extremely mild to more adverse effects. Whilst some people report experiencing negative effects, others find that cannabis products are calming for them. Medical marijuana is even used to ease pain. There are a few different things that go into determining what the effects of cannabis are going to be on a person. Below are some of the leading factors that can affect your weed high. 

  1. Dosis

Unsurprisingly, the dose of marijuana that you take is going to have a big effect on how you react to the drug. Getting your dose right can be difficult, especially if you are not a regular user. If you are new to smoking weed, we recommend starting off with a low dose. This is far easier to achieve when smoking a joint as opposed to eating marijuana edibles.

With a joint, you have full control over the weed to tobacco ratio. However, with edibles, you have no control over the amount of weed inside, although you can self-regulate your dose by only taking a half, or even a quarter, depending on what you are comfortable with. Of course, if you are a regular marijuana user, you can increase your dosage as you see fit. 

  1. Strain 

The strain of marijuana you are smoking will also greatly affect the high you experience. There are different strains with different cannabinoid profiles and active ingredients, which can affect your high. The good news is that since marijuana is no longer an illegal drug in Canada, you no longer have to trust the strains of marijuana your dealer is selling. 

You can now consult a budtender to discuss what strain will be best for the type of high you are looking for. For example, if you want more trippy effects that are going to distort things such as your perception of time and sensory perceptions, a strain high in THC will suit you. On the other hand, if you want a more chilled experience, a CBD heavy strain is your best bet. 

Marijuana strains

  1. Setting 

The leading factor that will affect your high outside of the marijuana plant itself is the setting you are in. It is always recommended that you get high in an environment in which you are comfortable in and that you are surrounded by people you trust.  At the end of the day, you are taking a drug and you are not in total control of how it is going to affect you. 

Even if you are careful and only take half a gummy bear or choose a mild strain, you can experience psychoactive effects. If this happens, your high is only going to be made worse if you are in a situation where you feel panicked and not supported. Regardless of the potency of marijuana or how much you plan on taking, it is always a good idea to do it in a safe place surrounded by friends. This will help you feel more relaxed, which will lead to a more pleasant high. 

  1. Mental state 

Although smoking marijuana in a safe environment will help you feel more relaxed, you also need to be in a good head space.If you don’t feel 100% comfortable smoking or taking an edible, you shouldn’t do it, as you could end up experiencing a bad high. While many people use weed for mental health issues, it is not a solution for everyone. You should therefore consider your mental state and whether you feel confident that weed will make you feel better rather than worse. 

  1. Age

Age is a factor that not many people consider, but it can have a huge bearing on the type of high that you experience. Even people who were heavy marijuana users back in the day might struggle with the effects of cannabinoids today. When people get older, they often fail to reap the benefits of marijuana that they used to experience when they were younger. This is because our bodies change from adolescence into adulthood. As we get older, the compounds in marijuana may affect us differently. 

  1. Frequency 

The frequency at which you smoke also affects your high. Recreational users who regularly smoke are more comfortable with weed, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable high. This is not to say that individuals who rarely indulge in smoking weed are guaranteed to have a bad high, nor is it guaranteed that those with increased cannabis exposure will have an amazing high. 

Since the legalization of marijuana, cannabis smoking has been made easier which makes it simpler for individuals to become more accustomed to weed at a pace that suits them. The emergence of cannabis stores with licensed professionals means that you can start off with a low dose, mild strain and build up to something stronger, with each session allowing you to slowly build your confidence. This will make each high better than the last. 

A beginners guide to cannabis

  1. Tolerance 

Your tolerance also affects the type of high you experience. Whilst tolerance will have an effect on your high, once you understand your tolerance, you can manipulate it to allow you to have the experience you want. For example, if you realize that you have a high tolerance, you can choose to buy more potent marijuana which will have a greater effect on you. 

If you have a low tolerance, the effects of marijuana can be more intense, so it is best to opt for a less potent marijuana strain. Tolerance can be linked to frequency as individuals who consume large amounts of marijuana on a regular basis are more likely to have a higher tolerance. However, some people naturally have a high tolerance and others naturally have a low tolerance. There is little you can do to change that. 

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