Unlike tobacco cigarette smokers, who can easily get through a pack a day, weed smokers often get through half a joint, or a joint and a half and are ready to call it a day. But what do they do with that half a joint? Weed is not cheap, so throwing it away is not an option.  Weed smokers therefore have to come up with innovative ways to store their unfinished or half-smoked joints. In this article, we share some of the best ways to store a joint, how to ensure it does not smell and how to keep it fresh, ready for your next smoking session. 

Can you roll a joint and save it?

Yes, you can roll a joint and save it. This is true for both used and unused joints. In fact, in today’s cannabis market, pre-rolls are an extremely popular choice when buying weed. They are joints that are already rolled and stored for you. You can save pre-rolls for when you are ready to smoke them.

You can also save a half-smoked joint for later, which a lot of people do not realize. There is absolutely no reason to throw away a joint that has not been finished as there is still a lot of usable weed inside your cannabis cigarette. Whether you are saving a pre-roll or half a joint, if you want it to be usable in the future, there are tips and tricks you should follow to ensure they stay fresh and smokable. 

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What happens when a joint goes stale?

When a joint goes stale, the main thing you will likely notice is the fact that it burns a lot faster than it would if joint was fresh. You will also notice that it has a harsher feel when inhaled and it might have lost some of its potency. A stale joint has less of an effect whilst also providing an inferior smoking experience. This is why it’s important to store your joints properly.

How long can you keep a used joint?

To most people's surprise, you can keep a used joint for up to 12 months. The likelihood of the joint being unused for a whole year is low but if you happen to forget it in a back drawer or under your bed, and stumble upon it 12 months later, you should still be able to smoke it. 

How to save a joint for later without destroying it

The key to putting out a joint and preserving it is to keep the cherry intact. The cherry is the part of the joint that is lit before you reach the ash that falls away from the joint. The best way to do this is to use a doob tube

A doob tube is what your joint was likely stored in if you bought a pre-roll, it is a great way to both put out the joint and store it immediately after. All you need to do is place the joint into the doob tube, cherry side up so you don't squash it. The lack of air inside the tube will put out the joint and you can store it there until you are ready to use it. We recommend using a glass doob tube, as a plastic one might melt.  

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How to prevent partially smoked joints from smelling bad

Whilst there is no way to completely mask the smell of marijuana, there are some things that you can do to ensure your flatmates or family don’t know that you have joints stashed away. 


Ventilation is key when it comes to storing cannabis. Whether you are smoking it, or storing it, you need to do so in a well-ventilated room. Even if you are storing your joints in an airtight container, there is a good chance that the smell is going to seep out sooner or later. 

By regularly keeping your windows open, you are ensuring an escape route for the smell. Without an escape route, the smells will be trapped in your room, and whilst you might not smell it whilst you're inside, anyone who enters your room, will notice it. 

Indoor cannabis consumption methods

Essential oils/candles

Burning candles or diffusing essential oils in your room is a brilliant way to mask any smell, and it creates an extremely pleasant and calming ambiance. All you need to do is pick a scent that you like and have it burning or diffusing every now and then.


Coffee is a solution that not many people are aware of, but it is quite effective. All you have to do is place a bag of coffee grounds in the corner of your room and it will mask any smell of weed that might be in the air. This is because the smell of coffee grounds is more potent than the terpenes from the weed. 

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Effective joint storage methods

The options for joint storage are virtually endless, as long as it is an airtight container, you can use it as a storage space for your used joints. 

Mason jars

Any kind of glass jar with a screw top or airtight lid is a good option for joint storage. Although any kind of airtight container will do, it is best if it is a glass container because there is a chance that the joint will still be hot when put inside. If it is plastic, it might melt and bind to the joint, which will make it dangerous to smoke. However, if it is a glass jar, you avoid any potential melting issues and it will keep your joints fresh

Doob tube 

The doob tube is the most effective method of storage. Not only is it a perfectly concealable storage method, but it is also a great way to put out your joint and save it for later. We recommend purchasing a glass doob tube as it prevents melting whilst still providing a brilliant storage container for your joint.  

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Although you can store a joint for up to 12 months, with quick door-to-door delivery thanks to Seed and Stone, you won't have to. We are a non-medical cannabis company who is dedicated to providing customers with a safe and positive marijuana experience.

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